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AgroAnalitica - Vinha

How We Started

The rapid growth and adoption of Precision Farming technologies by farmers leads to the accumulation of a wide range of raw data of very high complexity and that by itself does not add any value to agricultural activity and decision making. The need then arises in the value chain for a data analysis service, technology agnostic, and that allows to support farmers based on an extensive agronomic knowledge of their fields and the variability within the farm.

How We Work

The agricultural sector is in transition and Agro Analítica facilitates the adoption of Precision Agriculture / Smart Farming, with agronomic, economic, and environmental sustainability of agricultural enterprises as its ultimate goal.

Aiming to be a partner in the agricultural business, Agro Analítica, aims to facilitate the transition to digitalization of activities, processing and collection of field data, and decision making based on facts and performance indicators.


Agro Analítica is independent in relation to third party brands, equipment, and services, positioning itself at a high level of knowledge, experience, and capacity, both of the agricultural business and of the solutions available in the market.

We intend to make the technological innovation roadmap clear by making all our capital available to agricultural enterprisesmachinery service providers, producer organizations and equipment suppliers - 4 key vertices for an effective and efficient innovation ecosystem.

Our Services

We help to think and to idealize

We collect and study in detail all the critical data of your field before the investment.

We assess the specifics and promote discussion with the goal of minimizing the impact of any factors that may be limiting.

We organize the installation

We plan the implementation of the crop in the fields based on a detailed study of the soil, nutrition, digital terrain modeling, and water availability.

We outline the operational schedule based on the project specifications.

We coordinate and supervise all field operations.

Maintenance follow-up

We identify and evaluate limiting factors and their economic consequences, allowing for quick and useful intervention.

We work at plant protection level, enabling the choice of intervention in target areas, allowing for the reduction of costs, and increasing environmental sustainability.

We link the agronomic data collected in the field and Key Performance Indicators, promoting the quantitative and qualitative results of the final product.

We elaborate agronomic indicators for comparative analysis with key crop parameters.

Some of our Tools

We provide a tailored service based on some of the following tools:

AgroAnalitica Drone

Spatial Data Collection

AgroAnalitica Vinha

Crop Management

AgroAnaltica Maquinas Agricolas

Support for New Investments

The Team

Gustavo Caetano - Agro-Analitica
Gustavo Caetano

Graduated in Agronomic Engineering in 1993, he has worked in companies such as Triplanta, Bonduelle, and Sociedade Agrícola da Alorna as manager and production director.

Working more than 25 years in the field, he acquired skills as a project manager and thereby as a manager of equipment, processes, budgets, and people.

Since 2016, he has also been acting as an agronomic consultant, providing independent support to farmers. This was how the dream of creating an agricultural consulting company was born - which materialized in Agro Analítica.

Manuel Penteado - Agro-Analitica
Manuel Penteado

He has a bachelor's and a master's degree from Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), in Agronomic Engineering, having also graduated in Geographic Data Analysis and Processing.

Soon he distinguished himself in his field, being an academic research fellow with the SMARTCROP project and winning the 3rd European Farming by Satellite award (European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency 2013/2014).

His areas of expertise are arable crops, agricultural mechanization, and, of course, the precision farming technologies with which he works on a daily basis.

Antonio Lourenco - Agro-Analitica
António Lourenço

He took his bachelor's and master's degrees in Agronomic Engineering at ISA, with a specialization in farming and livestock management and a thesis on Precision Farming in Pastures.

He won the best speaker award at SPPF with "Evaluation of dry biomass production and botanical composition of improved dryland pastures using precision agriculture" and is also graduated in Geographic Data Processing and Agricultural Machinery Operation.

He is also actively managing his family's farm, where he develops extensive farming, livestock and forestry.

Antonio Coimbra - Agro-Analitica
António Coimbra

Graduated in Business Management at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, but soon realised that his career had to revolve around agriculture.

He took his master's degree in Agronomic Engineering with a specialisation in Agri-Livestock at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, and began managing a super-intensive olive orchard in the Ribatejo region on a private basis.

He focuses not only on precision farming technologies but also on business management support and optimisation.

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